Sunday, November 6, 2011


My daughter had her first 
cheerleading competition 
this weekend.

I'll admit,
I was not a big fan 
of competition cheerleading.

Young girls
wearing makeup 
with insanely big bows on their foreheads
was too
"Toddlers and Tiaras" for me.

C wanted to do it
and I reluctanly 
agreed to let her participate.

I was mortified to tell 
my NY friends that C
was a cheerleader.
Piano, dance, basketball, tennis, horseback riding, and volleyball
seemed much more worthy.

I never attended practice because
I didn't want to see my baby tossed about.
She is what is referred to as a "flier."

Yesterday was the culmination of months of practice.
As I watched the girls perform
I felt my face flush,
my eyes well up, 
and hot tears slip silently
down my cheeks.

I was overcome by what these young girls
had accomplished 
by working together.
The choreography, skill, and stunts
were amazing.
I witnessed 
confident, disciplined girls,
totally committed
and completely trusting of the other girls 
on the squad.
They pushed themselves physically and mentally.

And they loved it.

In the end,
it wasn't what I thought it was
from the outside 
looking in.

Most things
never are.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

where i wasn't

Last night,
John was here:

"On November 1st 2011, The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in New York will host a Royal Gala Award Dinner. We are very proud and honored to have Swedish royal presence with H.R.H. Princess Madeleine and H.R.H. Prince Daniel attending as our Guests of Honor. The exclusive Dinner will be held for 250 guests, including high profile guests such as Martha Stewart who will be the Key Note speaker, Star Chef & Food Activist Marcus Samuelsson, Tim Zagat, Andre Heinz, Director of Sustainability at PepsiCo Dan Bena, rising Star Chef Magnus Nilsson (featured in the Sept issue of Bon Appetite Magazine) and Sweden’s Minister for Rural Affairs. The exclusive dinner will be held at the famous IAC HQ in Chelsea and is made to order for this special event. More specifically, our caterer is growing and producing everything on his local farm to honor the sustainable theme of our Green Summit that will take place the following day. Our Fourth Annual Green Summit this year will focus on sustainability in the food chain, with the title ‘From Farm to Fork’. The Green Summit with over 30 high profile speakers participating will be held at Citibank’s Headquarters onPark Avenue."           (from our invitation - wolffer provided the wine pairings for this event)

He said it was wonderful.
He loved the people at "our" table.
He sat with JP Morgan's great-great grandson.

I just couldn't get away
to be there...

I was at Las Palmas
with L & C.

I couldn't have had better people at "my" table,
but I will admit...
I was a little jealous. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

the styleliner

Joey Wolffer, entrepeneur, has opened what has become
 one of the most recognizable stores in the Hamptons. 

 It's a refurbished potato chip truck 
The Styleliner.

Joey, a jewelry designer and stylist,
 has traveled around the world gathering unique items to sell
from her boutique on wheels.
 Joey's innovation is no surprise to those who know her;
she's just following in the footsteps of her great-great-grandfather,
once a peddler, 
who ended up starting the legendary
Marks & Spencer 
in the UK.

Joey divides her time between
the Hamptons, Palm Beach, 
and New York City.

If you are lucky enough to see her truck,
stop by.
I promise you'll find a treasure.

Check her out on Bravo tonight
at 10:30 on Fashion Hunters!