Monday, March 26, 2012

la jolla

We let the kids choose what to do 
on day two 
in San Diego.

They chose Sea World.

The setting was beautiful.

We saw some shows,

visited some exhibits,

and rode some rides.

nothing compared to 
the real nature we discovered 
upon leaving.

We decided to drive up to La Jolla
late in the afternoon 
and found it to be

As we looked out
over the water,
we saw tiny black dots perched on the rocks.

It was exquisite to see these guys
in their natural habitat.

So, of course,
L & C 
wanted to hang out awhile.

We explored

until the sun went down.

La Jolla ~
one of my
new favorite places.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

san diego

Whenever we visit a new city,
we first take a tour.
It's such a quick, easy way to get the 
"lay of the land." 
We acquire a broad overview of the city,
then decide where we want to go from there.
In San Diego,
it was a trolley ride.

We first stopped in Little Italy
for lunch.
It was wonDerful!

Waitin' waitin' on the world to change -

We saw Balboa Park
and the Old Town Market.
However, we didn't hop off again 
until we reached the
Seaport Village.
We wanted to visit the 
USS Midway Museum.

L & CC were enthralled to
experience being on an aircraft carrier.

But mostly,
I just wanted to throw them 
in the brig.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Just as we fell in love with

we fell in love with the
town of 

We loved the clean,
wide boulevards
and the numerous 
local cafes and coffee shops.

Our favorite place for breakfast was

Look!  It's Pa Paw's restaurant!

Clayton's was always packed and
we had to wait for a seat at the bar
or for a booth,
but it was 
always worth it.
We enjoyed delicious belgium waffles,
cheesy omelettes, fluffy pancakes, cinnamon toast,
and homemade oatmeal.

John and I felt that
reminded us of the Hamptons.
It has a similar charming vibe.

Monday, March 19, 2012

kiss me kate

I'm baaaack.

We've just returned from 
sunny California.

John and I decided to take the kids to San Diego
for spring break.
In all of our trips to CA,
we'd only gotten as close as 
(aka shoot me!)

John found a quaint hotel online 
for a good price,
so we booked it!

Little did I know
that the hotel has been voted one of  USA Today's
Top Ten Resorts

It was beautiful.

And I was suuuuper excited to hear that
it is haunted.

Kate Morgan checked in on 
November 24, 1892
and never checked out.

When we arrived,
we asked which room was Kate's
and were thrilled to hear that she
had stayed just down the hall from us.

We stopped by
to say

And while
I don't truly believe in ghosts...
I will tell you this.
That night, John and I were awakened
by the bathroom light
turning on.

And as John readied himself to go work out
in the morning
by the same light,
a brief shadow crossed the light.
Even to the point 
he thought,
'Did that just happen?'

It did.