Monday, July 30, 2012

great chefs dinner

I woke up to rain and thunderstorms 
on Saturday morning.
John was in Georgia
getting Lyons ready 
for Cross Country Camp
I was firmly
on my couch.
I snuggled with the dogs
and watched
"We Bought a Zoo"
which made me cry.

By the time John returned 
in the late afternoon,
I had no desire
 in the world
to go
we had tickets to the
 Great Chefs Dinner
at Hayground School
I gently reminded myself 
that you only regret the things
you don't do.
We decided to brave the dark and stormy night
and drove to Bridgehampton.

As so often happens,
I was happy I went.

The night began
under the white tent

where we were treated to
 delicious tasting stations

and an art auction.

I was so excited to meet
Eric Ripert
as we both stood in line
for Wolffer Rose'.

we made our way to 
the VIP Dinner
in Jeff's Kitchen.

It was so amazing to hear stories about
Jeff Salaway,
the beloved partner
of Nick & Toni's.
Jeff passed away tragically 
eleven years ago,
leaving his wife
and two young children.

Jeff's Kitchen is his legacy.
It is at the Hayground School
where students 
grow their own food
and prepare lunch 
every day.
The Chefs Dinner
raised money to build
Jeff's Kitchen
and supports
the Jeff Salaway Scholarship.

Every year,
the best chefs 
from New York
come out to support this event.
There are too many to list,
but you can see them 

Dinner was amazing ~

from the cheese tray
before dinner ~

to the unveiling of the 
Barefoot Contessa's new 
sticky toffee date cake
for dessert.

We were able to 
watch the chefs
prepare dinner
on large flat screen tv's.

and observe them
in the open kitchen.

We enjoyed getting to know
the group 
at our table.

as the evening came to a close,

I was glad
I hadn't stayed 
on the couch.

Friday, July 27, 2012

rock of ages

We had a great trip into the city
this week.
John just happens to know 
the owner of the 
Helen Hayes Theater
we attended 
the Broadway play
Rock of Ages.

The music was a blast from the past 
for John and me.
 Lyons & C enjoyed 
rocked out 
to some old tunes
that were new to them.

we were delighted
to meet the cast.

Regina ~ Josephine Rose Roberts
Drew ~ Justin Sargent

They were all so incredibly kind
and gracious.

Rock on!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

chefs & champagne

We attended
Chefs & Champagne
Saturday evening
it was a feast 
in every way.

We delighted in the
succulent champagne,

bid on desirable auction items,

enjoyed scrumptious food,

chatted with dear friends,

and attended the fabulous VIP after party.

It was feast in every way.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I  remember sending an e-mail
five or six years ago,
describing the young people here.
In it,
 I discussed how confident they are
 in the world
and certain of their place in it.

lacking that same confidence and certainty,
I will always be a Georgia girl
through extraordinary circumstances
  finds herself
surprised and amused
to be anywhere.
(For example, in this week's
Social Life and Hamptons magazines.)

My daughter,
on the other hand,
is growing into one of those
confident and certain girls
and I am happy for her.

It was evident 
at our traditional Beach Club BBQ
with the Ringelsteins
Friday night.

The adults had a blast,

but the true joy was
watching the girls
dancing on the beach
in the drizzling rain,

enjoying time together,

certain of love and friendship
in the world.

Monday, July 23, 2012

sailing sundays

As much as I enjoy
events and dinners
in the Hamptons,
my favorite thing to do is 
spend time with my family.

We enjoyed a memorable day
It was bright and sunny 
we caught the ferry to 
Shelter Island,
followed by the ferry to

We visited Peggy & Paul
and their chickens,
admired their garden, 
and were in awe
of the celestial notes
when Peggy played the harp for us.

we drove to the marina

loaded the boat

and set sail.

It was the perfect day
to be on the water
we were in very capable hands.

They own a racing boat
and we loved the way it
through the water.

Paul is a kid at heart,
so he made the day
an adventure,

zen lyons

tilting the boat
and thrilling us all.

we dropped anchor,
and swam.
L & C have been amazed 
by my willingness
 to jump in 
and swim this summer.
The water is so refreshing
and I have realized that I
spent too much time
in the past worrying about
how I would look

C took the helm
on the way home

deliberately spinning us 
around and around.

As the sun set on our ferry ride home,
we reflected on
the blessing of
another day
spent with family
and friends.

Thanks again Peggy & Paul!
You guys are the best.