Thursday, July 12, 2012

the perfect day

There are many ideas of a perfect day
in the Hamptons.
For some,
it's a 20 plus mile bike ride.
(definitely not me)
For others,
it's surfing at Ditch Plains.
(preferably with Jimmy Buffett)
It may be
spending the whole day 
at the ocean
shopping in Southampton.
It could be
 a celebrity sighting
procuring and cooking an
all organic meal from a local farm stand.
To some,
it's spending the day at home
with family.
To others,
it's preparing for
a social networking cocktail party.
It may be a
 paddleboard  excursion at Long Beach
a glamorous philanthropic event.

I had one of my versions
of a perfect Hampton day
on Sunday.

Our friend,
(Magic) Mike
picked us up from 
Long Wharf on his dinghy.

It was somewhat intimidating
to be on a tiny rubber raft
next to yachts like this.

We weaved in and out of all
the sailboats moored
on the water
and discovered that the 
moorings cost only $50,
but the catch is the 12 year waiting list.

Mike & Kerry's 
gorgeous sailboat 
came into view.

We climbed aboard
and opened 
some Wolffer rose'.

The boat was my idea of heaven.
Two bedrooms
two bathrooms!
I wanted to move in,
but I reminded myself 
I was just there for the day.

we snacked on 
some delicious food

as we gazed upon
pristine land.

In the afternoon,
the wind picked up and 
we set the sail.

L & C lounged
on the bow

while we chatted on 
the stern.

we dropped anchor 
and swam.

Even me.
It was exhilarating.

we sailed home,
parked our dinghy,

and walked into
town for an ice cream.

It was unequivocally,
my idea of a

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