Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Sag Harbor
celebrated the 4th 
Saturday night.

We were so excited to be 
invited to watch them 
on S and C's boat.

It was a gorgeous evening

and love was in the air!

As the boat gently rocked,
we snacked, enjoyed the
setting sun, twinkling lights, and scenic view
of boats on the horizon.

As the sun set behind us,
the moon arose ~
and we basked
in its presence.

It was so peaceful and quiet
on the water...
until the 
burst the silence
with ear shattering booms
and dazzling colors.

The sparkling lights over the water
were breathtaking.

As we watched the spectacular show,
we reflected on the joys of
our freedom,
our gratitude toward
the soldiers who
defend that freedom,
and we brought a little
Georgia to the Hamptons
by playing
Lee Greenwood's
"God Bless the USA."

One of us cried.

Happy Independence Day!

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