Wednesday, July 18, 2012

burma rising

On Saturday,
we attended
Burma Rising
at the home of
Joan and George Hornig.

The Hornigs are known for their
extradordinary sense of 
In fact,
100% of the profits of
Joan Hornig Jewelry
go to the charity of

This event was to benefit the
The night was filled
with glamorous individuals,
Burmese Art 
and auction items,
as well as a
specialty cocktail,
Wolffer wine,
and Burmese cuisine.

We listened to speeches about the
foundation and the need for education
in Burma.

Joan is the stunning lady in the red dress.

We were treated to an exhibit
of a traditional
Burmese dance.

This guy stood in front of me,

but I didn't mind...

The night was perfect
and we were encouraged to explore
the grounds.

They were exquisite.

We fell in love with the porches
on the guest houses,

as any true southerners would.

We adored the rose garden,

this serene arbor,

the sunken tennis courts,

this soothing fountain,

and the verdant landscape.

The whole event was marvelous
and so were the people.

the highlight
of my evening
was dinner
on the terrace
the party...

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