Thursday, May 31, 2012

is it still may?

The best part of being on the
East End 
this time of year,
is that during the week
no one is here!
(Except the locals and they're my favorite people anyway.)
The NY kids are still in school and it's only the weekends
that get crazy.  

On Tuesday,
my friend and I decided to meet up at Sagg Main.
I pulled up to an (almost) empty parking lot and
found a spot on the beach.

I waited and waited with no sign of my friend
or my child who was with her.
They had decided to paddle board to the beach,

so we ended up meeting at the cut-out.

The afternoon was spent catching up and watching the girls play.

C stayed into the evening for a barbecue with friends.

While I had to rush back to attend dinner at the
American Hotel
with the vivacious April Trigg and her charming husband.
April owns Eventologie in Atlanta and plans events
around the world,
so if you are planning an event -
she's the one to call.

All in all,
all is well
this week
in the Hamptons!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

summah day one

Summer is off to a perfect start!
John and I started the day with a walk/run
(guess who was running and who was walking)
at Long Beach.  

Then, we did a little shopping 
in Southampton.

we attended a Memorial Day
cocktail party.

We met some new interesting people
and re-connected with some old friends,
I think my favorite guests were these guys.

Fresh eggs anyone?

Monday, May 28, 2012

back in the hamptons

After a looong six months away,
we are back in the Hamptons 
for summer.

It was so exciting to pull up
to our house
yesterday afternoon.

John and I celebrated
by breaking open
a bottle of 
Wolffer sparkling
on the patio

while the kids
grabbed skateboards
and played
whiffle ball.

And the house
quickly became a home again
with shoes, dogs, and belongings
strewn about.

there is a reason 
this is my favorite place
on earth.

Summer has begun.