Monday, September 26, 2011


Mom, C, and I went to Atlanta yesterday
to see the play Wicked.
It's been on my "must see"
list for ages. 
So when it came to Atlanta,
we decided to have a girls day
and finally see it.

Sunday was one of those
scorching HOTlanta fall days.
The sky was a vibrant blue
and steam was rising off the pavement
like it was July and not almost October.

I love Atlanta.
It is such a modern city.
Everything feels new and fresh,
and crisp and clean.

We parked and walked over to the 
Fabulous Fox Theater.

I had forgotten that the Fox is an
extraordinary theater.
C was enchanted
by the skyline
and the canopied ceiling.
She exclaimed,
"This is nicer than Broadway!"

The show exceeded our expectations.
Both storyline and talent
were fantastic.

Afterwards, we walked several blocks
 to Mary Mac's Tea Room for lunch.
Mary Mac's has been around since 1945,
and it's legendary for quintessential southern cuisine.

We loved looking at the wall
of celebrities that have visited Mary Mac's
over the years.
It seems everyone in the world has known about this place
- except me.

Our meal began with
collards and cracklin' corn bread.
I had never had either, 
but I can assure you I will again.
The fried chicken was heavenly,
the mac 'n cheese decadent,
the creamed corn, the whipped potatoes...
(Just thinking about it makes me hungry!)
C loved her entree of chicken and dumplings,
and they tasted just like the ones my granny used to make.
The food was accompanied by large glasses of refreshing sweet tea
~ essential to any true southern meal.

All in all,
it was a wonderful day
to share
with two very special people.

Happy Monday.

Monday, September 19, 2011

covered bridge

What a wonderful weekend!
A Friday night football game
in which our team Won.
Two sleepovers.
And a Saturday morning
cross country race
at the Covered Bridge
in Euharlee, Georgia.

I had never really been exposed to 
cross country before last year,
but it quickly became one of my favorite sports.
I love how each runner is encouraged. 
Every runner.
Even the Very Last Runner
receives cheers, claps, and whistles.
"You're almost there!"
"You've got it!"
"You made it!"
"You did it!"

I sometimes find myself so moved,
that I have a big lump in my throat
and can't cheer for fear of losing it.

On Saturday, we arrived to a crisp, cool, morning
that developed into a nice, breezy afternoon.
Everyone was thrilled to have a hint of fall in the air
- having become weary of 90 degree days.

The teams lined up to prepare for the start.
Lyons was in the group of JV boys.

At the sound of the gun,
they were off!

The competitors ran two miles on a path
that wound through the woods

and over this covered bridge,
 built in 1886.

We sat on a grassy knoll by Euharlee Creek
for the awards ceremony.
It couldn't have been more

All in all,
it was just an average fall day, 
but it seemed perfect.
The kind of perfection
that consists of
being acutely aware 
of these fleeting moments
of childhood
and savoring every second.

Friday, September 16, 2011

a star is born...

My week may have been nothing to blog about,
but CC's horse had a great week.

Jubilee was featured in a photo shoot
for a national department store.

Keep your eyes peeled for the ad and let me know if you see it!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, September 12, 2011

hampton classic - part 2

Have I ever mentioned 
how much I enjoy
the Hampton Classic?
 I have?
Well, it's true.
It is one of my favorite events 
of the summer.
I love everything about it.

I love the excitement
that's palpable in the VIP tent.

I love watching the skilled riders
on majestic horses.

I love the table decorations
and delicious food.

I love seeing the politicians and celebrities.

Mayor Bloomberg

The first time I attended 
was five years ago.
I knew no one.
Not a soul.
Over the years, 
it was comforting to get to know the people
John works with. 
Then, I began to identify some of the local community.
Now, it's most enjoyable
because when I attend the event
I recognize many familiar faces
along with some of my dearest friends.

This was my best year yet!

We enjoyed stopping by Wolffer's  private tasting room.

Wolffer's table was, as usual, perfection 
- thanks to Sue Calden.

The Stunning White Horse Label

Lunch was delightful

The beautiful lady behind the flowers is Tamara Mellon.

and the company even better.

Federico Sztyrle

John & Dennis Shaughnessy

We were invited to stop by 
the exclusive FTI "chalet."

They had Wolffer rose'
engraved with the FTI logo
as favors

along with
great gift bags.

It was exciting to visit
somewhere new
and to see the course from
a fresh perspective.

And at the end of the day,
we headed over to
the Gerstel-Ringelsteins
for an after party of
Champagne & Cake.

By the way...
have I ever told you how much I love the Classic?

Thursday, September 8, 2011


The Hampton Classic's
Grand Prix Sunday is known for it's 
table decorations.

Last Sunday
was no exception.

I would have loved to be at the 
Nespresso table.
Everyone had their own
espresso makers!

Genie in a bottle?

Bloomberg's table was elegant.

This table won first prize.

Our good friends,
The Gaynors ,
did a great job.
I love the soothing neutrals 
with the ethereal hydrangeas.

There were so many more tables
and so many people to speak to;
I just didn't take enough pictures.

I'll follow up on Monday
with our experience
and our table.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

hampton classic 2011

There are a few Hampton events that I absolutely will not miss -
even after returning to Georgia.  
One such event is the Hampton Classic Horse Show.
Before signing my teaching contract this year,
I read it thoroughly to be sure it included 
two personal days.

The horse show runs over the period of a week
with a culminating day known as
Grand Prix Sunday.

On Saturday,
we stopped by the Classic 
to see several of Wolffer's clients ride.
They all looked fantastic.

Then, we grabbed a funnel cake for lunch
(I'm healthy like that.)
and shopped around at the Classic.
I purchased a fab new pair of Ray Bans -
from Khanh's,
but it wasn't really exciting 
because they were just replacing the pair I 
dropped the day before at 
McDonald's in Manorville.

(I forgot my camera
so forgive the iphone pics.)

The Classic has an exquisite collection of
shops from all over.
You can find clothing,
jewelry, accessories, the coveted Dubarry of Ireland boots,
Hunter wellies, great photgraphy,
and artwork. 

After leaving there, we shopped around 
Bridgehampton and Southampton
in pursuit of a dress for me to wear
the next day.
(Nothing like a little pressure shopping!)

I love these small villages.
They make me happy.

I also love the sense of community
from having lived there for three years
and being a part-timer for over five.
For example, we ran into Alexis from Sag Harbor's Calypso
working in Southampton. 
Later, we saw Dara from Oasis
I love it.
I love the friendly faces
and connections made over the years.

We ended our day
with a nice quiet dinner for two
in Southampton.
The food was excellent - 
especially the parmesan truffled frites
and the to-die-for
almond cheesecake.

We went home early
because we knew the next day 
was going to be busy, fun-filled,
and exceptional.
Grand Prix Sunday
always is.