Monday, September 19, 2011

covered bridge

What a wonderful weekend!
A Friday night football game
in which our team Won.
Two sleepovers.
And a Saturday morning
cross country race
at the Covered Bridge
in Euharlee, Georgia.

I had never really been exposed to 
cross country before last year,
but it quickly became one of my favorite sports.
I love how each runner is encouraged. 
Every runner.
Even the Very Last Runner
receives cheers, claps, and whistles.
"You're almost there!"
"You've got it!"
"You made it!"
"You did it!"

I sometimes find myself so moved,
that I have a big lump in my throat
and can't cheer for fear of losing it.

On Saturday, we arrived to a crisp, cool, morning
that developed into a nice, breezy afternoon.
Everyone was thrilled to have a hint of fall in the air
- having become weary of 90 degree days.

The teams lined up to prepare for the start.
Lyons was in the group of JV boys.

At the sound of the gun,
they were off!

The competitors ran two miles on a path
that wound through the woods

and over this covered bridge,
 built in 1886.

We sat on a grassy knoll by Euharlee Creek
for the awards ceremony.
It couldn't have been more

All in all,
it was just an average fall day, 
but it seemed perfect.
The kind of perfection
that consists of
being acutely aware 
of these fleeting moments
of childhood
and savoring every second.

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