Monday, September 5, 2011

labor day weekend

John and I flew to New York on Friday afternoon 
with plans to spend the night in the city,
then drive out to the Hamptons on Saturday morning.
we just couldn't wait.

We braved the holiday traffic
and arrived in Sag Harbor 
early Friday evening
with plans to meet Stephen & Christina for dinner.

We were  thankful
that Stephen was off his crutches
and walking,
while recovering from his 23 stitches 
man vs. clay pot
Hurricane wound.


Realizing it was Labor Day weekend,
we knew the wait at any restaurant would be hours, 
so we grabbed a couple of bottles of wine, glasses,
and a blanket.
We departed with the plan 
to put our name in at a restaurant in Sag Harbor,
then sit on the boat and have cocktails until we were called.

Christina first checked Sen
and as predicted,
the wait was 2 1/2 hours.
We elected John to try the American Hotel
to see if he could use any of his contacts to 
"work some magic." 
We couldn't have been more surprised
when he came jogging back across the street
and said, "Five minutes!"
Woo hoo!

I love, love, love
the American Hotel.
It's history, reputation,
and ambiance are unequalled in the Hamptons. 
It's so old world and cozy
and my favorite part is 
running into friends 
each time we are there.
It's the perfect place for lunch, dinner,
or a nightcap.
Just be careful when asking for the wine list.
They are rumored to have
one of the largest wine libraries
in the country
and they'll bring you
something that looks like a very large picture album
and you can get lost for days reading about
all of the possible selections.

We had an amazing meal.
The lobster bisque was divine,
as was the decadent wine choice, juicy steak, potatoes,
strawberry shortcake, and every single morsel
we consumed.

We laughed, told stories,
caught up,
and reveled in each other's company.

It was the perfect start
to a wonderful weekend.

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