Sunday, November 18, 2012


While Lyons and John were 
spending the weekend
in Ellijay
with the guys in our family,

CC was excited that we
were having a 
"Girls' Weekend."

On Saturday morning,
I woke to 
hazelnut coffee,
a comfy couch,
and half of
Wolff Hall to complete,
when I decided that I was lucky 
to have these moments
when  CC
to spend time with me.
I decided to
get up,
get moving,
get engaged!

I quickly texted a friend
made plans to 
visit the
High Museum 


It was a exquisite fall day.

We enjoyed
looking at the European art
~ especially the French Impressionists.
asking CC to find
was somewhat

considering the number of times we visited the
Metropolitan in NYC.
As in,
"Who's Monet?"


The girls were excited
 to discover
folk art

and modern art.

CC found a horse,

but she knew 
not to touch it!

We were 
Howard Finster

and hope to visit his house
sometime soon
since it's
right here
in Northwest Georgia.

We had a great time,
moved by art

and so fortunate to
have it

we enhanced the girls' appreciation
for art
while spending
some fun quality time together.

If you haven't been to the
High lately,
get movin'!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

really good stuff

On Friday,
my mom and I 
went to Atlanta.

we shopped at 
Scott's Antique Market
where I found an 1895 map
of Long Island.
I've been looking for one 
that wouldn't break the bank 
for years now
and was beyond thrilled to find one.

we had lunch at JCT Kitchen
where we devoured some
parmesan truffle fries.

I thought the day couldn't get any better
when we 
saw this sign:

Only in the South...

Of course,
when you see a sign like that,
you must follow it.
So we did.

We walked across this bridge

and on the other side was...

I had heard
Calypso had opened in Atlanta
and here it was!
We had unwittingly
stumbled upon it.

We had a marvelous afternoon shopping.

I ended up with some things off the sale rack
and talked mom into some
AG Jeans that I hope she doesn't regret.

Some days,
if you are open 
to following unexpected signs,
you just might find some
"really good stuff."

Thursday, November 1, 2012

oh sandy

Years ago,
I remember watching one of those
"It Could Happen"
tv shows
about a potentially devastating hurricane
hitting Manhattan.
It was fascinating, 
but I didn't think it would
ever really happen.

Sagg Main Monday Morning

Watching it come to pass 
with Superstorm Sandy,
has been surreal.

On Monday afternoon,
(before the arrival of Sandy)
John left our house to go check on the stables.
He had traveled about a mile,
when he was forced to turn around 
due to a huge fallen tree in the road.
Upon turning around,
he discovered he had been trapped by
this tree.

At that point,
he realized
it was time to 
get home
"hunker down."
There was no more to be done
for the businesses.

I was glued to the news, Facebook,
looking for pictures of Sag Harbor.

I couldn't believe Bay Street had become
the bay

 or that Long Beach,
my favorite place to walk,
was flooded.

Christie Brinkley
posted pics of Noyac,
right down the street from my house.

I lost touch with John about 3:00 p.m. on Monday.
I knew we had lost power in Sag Harbor,
but assumed we would keep in touch by cell.
Of course,
 he lost cell service next.
I spent a long night worried about his safety
and our home.

On Tuesday morning,
I finally heard from John
and he reported that it had been 
a "wicked" storm,
but (Halleliujah!) he and
our house were fine.

On his way to work,
he sent some pics 

I was crestfallen
to realize many of my friends
will be faced with 
rebuilding their homes
and businesses.


The Hamptons sustained serious damage,
especially on the coast.
we escaped the utter destruction 

of whole communities
such as Breezy Point,
Fire Island,
and parts of New Jersey.

My thoughts and prayers 
are with everyone
affected by this storm.

The Morning After

Praying for blue skies,
 brighter days ahead.