Tuesday, November 13, 2012

really good stuff

On Friday,
my mom and I 
went to Atlanta.

we shopped at 
Scott's Antique Market
where I found an 1895 map
of Long Island.
I've been looking for one 
that wouldn't break the bank 
for years now
and was beyond thrilled to find one.

we had lunch at JCT Kitchen
where we devoured some
parmesan truffle fries.

I thought the day couldn't get any better
when we 
saw this sign:

Only in the South...

Of course,
when you see a sign like that,
you must follow it.
So we did.

We walked across this bridge

and on the other side was...

I had heard
Calypso had opened in Atlanta
and here it was!
We had unwittingly
stumbled upon it.

We had a marvelous afternoon shopping.

I ended up with some things off the sale rack
and talked mom into some
AG Jeans that I hope she doesn't regret.

Some days,
if you are open 
to following unexpected signs,
you just might find some
"really good stuff."

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