Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I  remember sending an e-mail
five or six years ago,
describing the young people here.
In it,
 I discussed how confident they are
 in the world
and certain of their place in it.

lacking that same confidence and certainty,
I will always be a Georgia girl
through extraordinary circumstances
  finds herself
surprised and amused
to be anywhere.
(For example, in this week's
Social Life and Hamptons magazines.)

My daughter,
on the other hand,
is growing into one of those
confident and certain girls
and I am happy for her.

It was evident 
at our traditional Beach Club BBQ
with the Ringelsteins
Friday night.

The adults had a blast,

but the true joy was
watching the girls
dancing on the beach
in the drizzling rain,

enjoying time together,

certain of love and friendship
in the world.

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