Monday, July 9, 2012

never say never

I always said, 
"Not on your life!"
"Absolutely not!"
"Not gonna happen!"
whenever anyone mentioned 
my daughter 
and said that 
just maybe
she should model.

I was approached about her
at a Nets game
several years ago
and just said, "No."

I had visions of Lindsay Lohan,
Brittney Spears,
Demi Lovato,
and the Olsen twins.
Not for us.
Not for my girl.

I also had terrifying visions 
of driving around
Brooklyn and Queens
looking for abandoned 
warehouses for photo shoots.
No, thank you!

And Then...
Several weeks ago,
I was approached by a lady
who said that she had been watching 
my daughter all night
and asked 
if I would consider allowing her to model.
Surprised ~
I furrowed my brow,
glared skeptically at her, 
and responded
in my slow southern drawl.
if this is one of those things that 
you want me to pay money
for her to have a portfolio made...
we're not doing it."
The lady vehemently agreed with me.
No.  You don't Pay money. Ever.
All a reptuable company needs is a 
Could she take one
or could I send her one?
She said that C is too old for her company,
but she was going to refer her to the
"best in the business."

I thought that it couldn't hurt.
We're only here a short time
and it might be a little adventure for C.
Maybe one photo shoot and 
an experience of a lifetime.  
Also, it was just a compliment
to be noticed.

There have been many texts
and e-mails sent over the past week.
Someone thinks she's special,
(Wait!  That's Me!)
so today we went into the city
to meet with 
She was interested
and thought C could begin
working immediatley.

we walked around,

had lunch at one of my
favorite restaurants,

and took in some sights.

We visited the Apple Store
where my son
received an iphone 
for his upcoming 15th birthday.

Life is good today...
I guess we'll just 
have to see 
about this modeling

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