Wednesday, March 21, 2012

san diego

Whenever we visit a new city,
we first take a tour.
It's such a quick, easy way to get the 
"lay of the land." 
We acquire a broad overview of the city,
then decide where we want to go from there.
In San Diego,
it was a trolley ride.

We first stopped in Little Italy
for lunch.
It was wonDerful!

Waitin' waitin' on the world to change -

We saw Balboa Park
and the Old Town Market.
However, we didn't hop off again 
until we reached the
Seaport Village.
We wanted to visit the 
USS Midway Museum.

L & CC were enthralled to
experience being on an aircraft carrier.

But mostly,
I just wanted to throw them 
in the brig.

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