Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Last weekend, 
my mom offered to take L & C camping.
I love my children
and enjoy spending every moment with them. 
when the opportunity arises for an
adult weekend,
I grab it!
So, while the kids were off with friends
and family at 
in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee ~

we snuck down to Atlanta.

we went to 
Ann Mashburn.

Loved it.

Then, we stopped by 
Sid Mashburn.

Super loved it!

While we were in the area,
we checked out
JCT Kitchen for lunch.

It was the coolest.

Let's just say...
I'll be dreaming about the 
parmesan truffle fries
for quite some time.

We found a great deal on 
Expedia for
The Mansion
on Peachtree
and decided to try it out.

It was crazy fabulous.

Staying at The Mansion
was definitely
our most pleasurable experience
at any hotel.
The service was

Before long,
we were hungry again.
So we made our way over to 
Aria for dinner

using The Mansion's
complimentary car service.
(We loved that!)

We began the evening with
Sparkling Rosé, Nigl, Brut, Kamptal, Austria 08.
It was crisp, refreshing, 
and a wonderful treat.

We lingered over dinner,
talking about the road less traveled,
the choices we've made,
our past,
and our future.

How precious
are those brief
moments in time
to reflect
on our lives,
as opposed 
to the constant daily
we are so busy 
racing on.

Thanks Mom & Joe

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