Tuesday, April 3, 2012


After leaving San Diego,
we drove to one of my 
favorite places

Rancho Palos Verdes!

It's the location of my favorite coffee house.

Starbucks by the Sea

is there anywhere better to drink coffee?

Stopping by this particular Starbucks
compels me to 
 sit on the outdoor patio
near the fire pits 
and drink coffee overlooking the ocean.
I could do it every day.
(Until the cliffs fall into the ocean,
but that's another story.)

we stayed at 

Terranea is a gorgeous resort,
with great pools, 
a world class spa,
villas, casitas,
and charming bungalows.

I liked the fact that
'sustainable oceanfront dining' is offered on site.
(very Hampton)
Mar'Sel is supposed to be out of this world,
but we ended up 
(probably too often)
at Nelson's ~
a delicous, kid friendly place.

Where we sat outside
admiring the view ~

even on cloudy days.

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