Monday, September 10, 2012

where's waldo?

The words
"innate sense of style"
have never been used 
to describe me.
In fact,
I'm pretty sure
the words
"sense of style"
or even just
have never been used 
in conjunction 
with my name.
"Yoga pants?"

So you can imagine my surprise
when we received a text 
yesterday morning
"Erin is in the style section
of the NY Times today!"

I also received this sweet e-mail:
"Way to go Erin - Bill Cunningham is a legend and only takes photos of people he thinks looks super.  And you my dear seem to be the focus of his photo!" 

I was plagued with
 visions of my picture
with that dreaded rectangular box
over my eyes
and the caption:
'Fashion Don't'
soooooo ~
immediately after church,
John dashed into Kroger
to pick up a paper.

While waiting in the car,
I received a call.
"This paper is SIX DOLLARS!
And your picture is TINY.
It's not even a 
I don't think you need it."

As you can imagine,
curiosity was about to kill me!
I insisted he purchase One paper
because I actually
ENJOY reading the Times 
and miss our subscription.

It's true.
It's tiny.
I don't care.
It's there.

If you have a magnifying glass,
you may be able to find me.

Where's Erin?

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  1. I found you!!!! LOVE, love LoVe!!! Congrats, you stylish thing you!!