Monday, September 17, 2012


I knew
the moment we met
that we were meant to be 

I can remember standing in my driveway,
chatting with you and 

You were smart,
a reader,
 damn funny.

We would spend mornings
discussing books,
drinking coffee with chickory,
and eating
(too many) donuts.

You would drag me to the park,
which was hard work.
But not for you.
Enjoyed it.


Always putting your children first.

You got it.
Faith and Family.
Good wine and good coffee.

Country Club - resigned.
Cotillion - not interested.

You invested in 
the most valuable 
assets ~
your children,
true friends.

I will never forget the phone call
when we were still living in New York.
Breast Cancer.
I cried.
John cried.

And one of the reasons
I was happy not to teach this year,
was because I could spend more time with you.

After being gone all summer,
I was excited upon receiving your text
about getting together a few weeks ago.
I couldn't wait.
I planned on telling you that 
I was here.
Not leaving.
I couldn't wait to spend time with you this fall.

And as for those of us who have lived long enough,
tomorrow doesn't wait.

Our cocktails were cancelled 
in lieu of 

My dinner prepared,
you were in the hospital.

I couldn't resolve the limited time
with the limitless 
catching up
we were going to do.

You were so special.
Your family is 
Their support system 
for your children 
will be 
It's not you.
You were the best.
But second best,
there is nothing like it.
You have a super cool family.

There are so many more stories.
So many laughs.
there is a gaping hole 
in the universe
where your blessed soul

I will never forget you.
I will  never forget our last moments together.
Of course, 
it was so like you
to be surrounded by 
family and friends.
People who flew in from
all over
to be with you.
You were That Special.

I don't understand it.
I'll never accept it.
But my life is better
you were in it.

I love you, Kris.

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  1. Beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady. She will be missed. Praying for her husband and family.