Monday, October 1, 2012 goes on

Since C desperately needed fall clothes,
we made plans to spend a day in Atlanta
last weekend.

I had visions of a 
ladies lunch
shopping at Lenox.
I also thought
we could view the
Titanic Exhibit
Atlantic Station.

my girl had different plans.
she wanted
chicken and dumplings
Cracker Barrel.
Not my idea of a ladies lunch.
It also left me longing for my Granny,
and wishing C
could've had her homemade
chicken and dumplings.

The shopping she was most excited about
was this shirt:

Yes, she plans to marry Harry from One Direction.
(I don't think he knows.)

It was a gorgeous Atlanta day,
blue skies and warm weather,
with just a hint of fall in the air.

C fell in love with 
Atlantic Station.

She said it reminded her of
The Grove
in L.A.

It did me too,
a little.

C wanted to see the 
Bodies Exhibit.

It was kind of creepy,
but interesting.
The part that I found the most moving,
was actually seeing
a tumor in breast tissue.
To come face to face
with the culprit that has stolen 
so many lives,
was unfathomable.

we saw the Titanic Exhibit.

I have always loved learning about the Titanic
and must have read
A Night to Remember 
a hundred times.
I find
the heroism
and dignity
on that fateful night,
crossed with 
the history
and tragedy,
to be such a compelling story.
It was remarkable to see
items belonging to the passengers
on display - 
cups, books, socks, jewelry, perfume bottles
and so much more.

When we entered,
we were given boarding passes
with actual passenger's names,
what class we were traveling in,
where we were from,
who we were traveling with,
and where we were going.
C and I knew our chances weren't very good
because we were both mothers traveling in third class
with our children.
At the end of the exhibit,
we were able to scan the wall
to determine our fate.
Our names and our children's were on the perished list.
It brought heartbreaking humanity to the legend.

we stopped at 
Rosa Mexicano,

sat outside,

and devoured some killer

All in all,
it was a perfect day
spent with
one of the people
I love most
in this world.

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