Tuesday, October 16, 2012

looking good, feeling better

my friend 
invited me to 
Look Good, Feel Better.
It is a program
administered by the
American Cancer Society
designed for women
who have been diagnosed with cancer.

When starting treatment,
oncologists recommend throwing away old makeup 
because it harbors bacteria.
This program provides a kit filled with new makeup
and personal care products,
along with instructions on how to apply the products,
how to choose and care for wigs,
and directions on how to use head coverings such as scarves.

At the beginning of the class,
everyone went around the room
and introduced themselves.
All kinds of women,
from all walks of life.
Cancer had made no distinction 
between race, socioeconomic status, or age.
The one thing 
these women had in common,
was a terrible phone call.
A diagnosis
that changed their lives.

I was moved by each and every story.
The beautiful truck driver - 
so proud of her son in college.
The quiet woman
whose young daughter came with her.
The elderly lady  
who loves working in her garden.
The gregarious city employee -
my age or younger.

So close to tears,
that all changed
as we commenced putting on makeup
and drawing on eyebrows.
Who knew what a difference
eyebrows make?!
These women were laughing
and strong.
And as they began looking better,
they began to feel

Even with all of my nervousness,
I loved it.
I'm going back.
Each and Every Month.
The only part I didn't like
was leaving.
And wondering:
What happens to these women
after today?
How do I let them go
and not know
their progress?
In two hours,
they had impacted my life.

I wonder how they're doing today...

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