Tuesday, October 23, 2012

gulf shores

Last week,
the kids had a couple of days off 
for fall break.

We debated 
what to do 
where to go.
We considered going to
"the happiest place on earth,"
but it tends to be
"the most expensive place on earth."
We looked into all the 
"last minute"
on the internet,
but just couldn't find anything
that made sense
with our time constraints.

And then
I remembered...
While living in New York,
I vowed that if I was ever back in Georgia,
I would take full advantage of being so close
to the Gulf.

We loaded up and left for one of our favorite places 
in the world,
Gulf Shores, Alabama.

When we arrived late Thursday afternoon,
we found
the view from the back of Grandmother's Beach House, 
 to be just as beautiful as 
the Gulf 
across the street.

The kids scampered down to the bay
to see what they could find

and it didn't take long until the kayaks
were out.

As the sun began to set,

we got dressed and headed for dinner
at Lulu's -
an enormous local restaurant 
owned by Jimmy Buffet's sister.
The kids were thrilled to see something new -
 the "Mountain of Youth,"
a four story climbing aparatus.

After dinner,
we agreed to let Lyons and CC
the mountain.
Having no fear,
both kids quickly ascended.

At dizzying heights,
they bravely navigated
the ropes course.

I could barely watch,
but was glad they were having fun!

It was clear,
we were
where we needed to be.

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