Friday, July 26, 2013

glen ellen, sonoma, and more

We fell in love
with the little town of
Glen Ellen.
It was just a short drive 
to Sonoma Square,
where we dined the first evening

However, we preferred
the quaint town
and charming 
only a short walk 
from the Gaige House.

We actually loved
everything about Glen Ellen.

Sonoma Valley Regional Park
was just down the road
and we hiked around the park
each morning.

I will admit
there was some initial trepidation
on our part
upon seeing this sign
at the entrance.

As we walked,
we were amazed 
by the beauty of the park
and the way
the landscape seemed to change entirely
around each bend.

After hiking,
we tried the wine tasting thing
here ~

where we tasted a delightful 
cabernet savignon 
and quickly realized
we weren't really 
into wine tasting.

We love an amazing meal
with wine pairings.
We love exquisite wines.
We just don't love tastings.

John ran a winery for eight years
and we know so many 
winery owners
and their compelling stories
from the North and South Forks of
Long Island.

John is partial to the story of
who created a winery
in an unproven area
on a former potato field.

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