Friday, August 2, 2013


As John and I 
headed out for our
Big Sur exploration day,
the concierge recommended
several places for lunch.
I had heard of one of the places ~
so we settled on that.

To be honest,
I had no idea what to expect.
When we approached the sign,
cars were everywhere ~
lining the PCH 
and filling the parking lots.
After circling twice,
John was determined to leave
and go to our second choice.

However, by that time,
there was no way 
I was going anywhere else.
If that many people were stopping,
there must be a reason.
I felt compelled to investigate.
Finally, the perfect spot opened up
and we were able to park.

We climbed the multiple sets of stairs,
higher and higher,
past the gift shop,
past throngs of tourists,
and into...

Maybe it was the multi-colored umbrellas.

Maybe it was the fact that we waited 
for the perfect table.

Or maybe it was the 
 savory French rose'.

Whatever it was...

You know how,
in life,
you experience a handful of
fleeting moments of perfection.
This was one of mine.


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