Tuesday, March 29, 2011

mink muffs

One day last summer, I decided to get a mani/pedi in Sag Harbor.  As always, I can never choose a nail polish color.  Why do they have to look so different in the bottle than they do on?!

The lady who helped me suggested a color.  She said it was "very in - very stylish."  I assumed she knew more than me and agreed to try it.  

When she finished my toes, I looked down and was shocked to see a color that looked like a mix between mud and excrement.  She saw the look of horror on my face and exclaimed,  "You don't like it!"  I whimpered,  "It's just that I've never had anything so...dark before."  She said that if I didn't like it, I could come back in two days for a polish change.  I looked at her and declared,  "I'll be back in two hours!"

The day was busy and the next thing I knew I was a guest at my friend's beach club for a lobster boil that evening.  As we sat down, my friend looked at me and whispered, "I love your mink muffs."  Perplexed, I looked at her, "Excuse me?"  "Your mink muffs," she purred, looking pointedly at my toes, "I love your mink muffs."   I looked down and could see everyone at our table was wearing Essie Mink Muffs on their toes!

I wonder what the "in" color will be this summer...

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