Monday, January 30, 2012

weekend "vacay"

CC recently mentioned that she would
like our family to take some mini vacations.
She said that we could call it
"weekend vacay"
and that it would be like a 
of a real vacation.

Along those lines,
we took the kids to 
this weekend.

Lyons had received tickets
to see his favorite comedian,
we decided to make a 
"weekend vacay"
out of it.  

John and CC
would join us.
They would see
we'd stay at
The Omni Hotel.

I just forget ~
what an amazing city
Atlanta is.

We checked into the hotel
and stepped out on our balcony 
Centennial Olympic Park.

The cityscape
was breathtaking.

I felt like I was a million miles from home.

We shopped at Lenox,
dined at Dantanna's,
and toured the CNN Center.

Dunham was hysterical.
Lyons & I laughed and laughed.
(Which, for the record,
is waaay better
than yelling about homework.)

John & Carolyn
John said it was the best production
he has ever seen 
of any kind.

When we returned to our room that evening,
the sight from our balcony
was even more dazzling.

It may have been only 24 hours, 
but a
"weekend vacay"
turned out to be
just what
this family needed.

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