Tuesday, June 12, 2012

a day in the life

Around the end of the school year,
I mentioned to some friends 
that we were busy every night 
in the Hamptons.
I was wrong.
It's more like every minute.

So, here goes a day in the life...

On Sunday morning,
John and I were up bright and early
for a walk/run on Long Beach.

While there,
we obtained our
beach pass for the season.

Once home,
we quickly dressed 
because we were due for brunch
at 11:30.

It was lovely.

The setting was bucolic.

I especially loved the sculptures.

Even though it was really a beach day,
we had errands to run
so we headed into Sag Harbor.

Before shopping,
we fortified ourselves with ice cream 
from Yummylicious.

After making some purchases at 
Flying Point Surf Shop
and Gubbins,
we dashed home to walk the dogs.
Then, immediately left again 
to meet friends at Nobu
in Southampton

where I quickly discovered 
my new favorite cocktail ~

a pineapple martini!

We enjoyed
lobster tacos 
(no picture because they
were consumed immediately!)
and rock shrimp tempura

before traveling home
to get a good night's sleep ~
so we can start all over again 

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