Saturday, June 9, 2012

what a difference some sunshine makes

The weather was beautiful here yesterday
so we quickly decided to take advantage of it
by stopping at the Sagg store
to grab a turkey and brie sandwich
before heading to Sagg Main.

It was gorgeous

and practically deserted.

This same beach will
host multitudes of people in the next several weeks,

but for now
it is tranquil.

I watched John and Lyons 
play paddle

and wondered if
this was really my 
little boy.

we attended 
Sunset Friday

where we saw some of my favorite people.

Then, we attended the play
at Guild Hall 
in East Hampton
before dining at 
in Sag Harbor.

Most people leave the busy city 
to come to the Hamptons to relax.
However, for us
it is Hemmingway's
"moveable feast."
There is so much to do,
so much to enjoy,
and so much to take in
that we cannot seem to 
get enough.

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