Monday, June 11, 2012


On Saturday evening,
John and I attended the VIP reception 
for PetFest.

PetFest is an event 
sponsored by the
Pet Philanthropy Circle
and it's effervescent president,
Jewel Morris.

John presented the award for
Shelter of the Year
to the
Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation.

Dolce won the award for
Amazing Pet of the Year.

Since he can do many tricks 
but still can't drive 
his mom, Dr. Cynthia Otto,
brought him.
She is the founding Director
of the Penn Working Dog Center.

Aida Turturro,
(my favorite ever!)

introduced  Jill Rappaport,
who received the 
Pet Humanitarian of the Year Award.

I had no idea of her love for animals
or because of her experience with
her beloved dog Jack,
she had asked that her position on the Today Show 
become one of animal advocacy.  
Hence, her "Bow to Wow"

I was truly moved by this lady's speech.

Yes, that's her ~ 
 the original Foxy Brown,
Pam Grier.
When she's not acting, 
she spends her time rescuing and rehabilitating horses 
for  therapeutic riding programs
in Colorado.
She has a movie of her life coming out
and I can't wait to see it!
She is Amazing!

There were many more awards
given to extraordinary individuals
making a difference 
by following their passion.

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