Sunday, April 10, 2011

Do you Goyard?

I have always loved handbags.  I love them the way some people love shoes.  They can make a statement, put a finishing touch on an outfit, and they store all that stuff that I just can't be without!

When I moved to the Hamptons several years ago, I was familiar with the major bag designers - Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi, etc.  I had learned that some people buy bags every season and some buy them as an investment.   My favorite story was of a friend inheriting a Chanel bag from an aunt and having it refurbished.  I guess when the bag is passed down generations, it can help justify the mortage payment price.

Anyhoo, after living in the Hamptons several years, I kept noticing the most elegant women were carrying a somewhat nondescript bag.  To be honest, the bag didn't look like much, but I could tell by the caliber of women carrying them that they must  be something special.  

Finally, I asked my uber stylish friend what they were.  She informed me that they are Goyard bags from Paris.  Evidently, if you purchase one you Must have it monogrammed.  Have you seen the new LV bags with custom monogramming?  Goyard was first.


  1. I love shoes and purses! Can't you love both??? My favorite, but out of reach boutique at Bergdorf's, Goyard !

  2. Of course dah-ling! Of course you can! :-)