Monday, April 4, 2011

I Love the Way You...Layer

I have always loved accessories and have enjoyed seeing the differences between the way Hamptons women and southern women accessorize.  I think southern women tend to be more formal with their accessories (can't get enough David Yurman) and Hamptons women tend to be more eclectic.   I've noticed they often wear a mixture of layers, statement pieces, and travel pieces that they've picked up from all over the world.

Last summer, I was a guest at the Bridgehampton Beach Club, when an elegant lady came over to speak to me.  As she kneeled down by my chair, she asked if my bracelets were Chan Luu.  Of course, being the hip, stylish, southern woman that I am...I Had No Idea.  Upon examing the clasp, we discovered that it was, indeed, Chan Luu.  After identifying the brand, I saw these Chan Luu bracelets everywhere.  There are so many different stones and designs to choose from and I love them all.

I like Chan Luu with Ippolita bangles and Sydney Evan beaded bracelets.


  1. chan luu... i love! the others, i simply cannot afford! xoxo d

  2. every once in a while, you can find the sydney evan on sale! i'm just hoping to have the interesting travel pieces one day... :) xo