Thursday, April 14, 2011


Looking back...  Here's an old e-mail I sent regarding one of my favorite summer events:

John and I had the privilege of attending ECOFABULOUS on Saturday night.  It was a fund-raising event to benefit the Group for the East End.  This group protects and restores the environment of the Eastern End of Long Island through "education, citizen action, and professional advocacy." Farming has been vital to this area for hundreds of years and is still essential to the community.  (I bet you never think about that when you think of the Hamptons!) 

Most Hamptons parties are outside and this one was no exception.  It was in a huge tent on the Wolffer Estate.  The only problem was that it had rained all week and torrential downpours occurred all evening on Saturday.  Actually, one of my favorite parts of this night was seeing the sophisticated ladies in cocktail dresses and wellies!  I wore a little black Calypso dress and black patent wedges that I knew I could wipe off.  

The event began with cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, and a silent auction at 6:30 p.m., followed by an 8 o'clock seated dinner.  The food came from local farms and was prepared by celebrity chefs.  We were treated to organically grown greens with feta cheese and dressing. The entree was roasted duck with couscous, and dessert was a berry cobbler.  Everything prepared was regional - even the Wolffer wine that was served with each course. Alec Baldwin hosted a live auction during the dinner.  He did an outstanding job and you could clearly see the energy and charisma that has made him famous. 

A special tribute to the life of Christian Wolffer was planned, and John was told that he would receive the award on behalf of the vineyard and Christian's family.  He would also have to make a speech.  John was mortified to be speaking in front of 450 people, having never before spoken to a group that large. He wanted to do an excellent job, not only for himself, but to honor Christian.

We were seated at Table One,  right next to the stage and dance floor. We shared the table with two of Christian's daughters, some of their interesting young friends, an important client from the stables, and an Olympic rider. 

It's interesting to note, in the days of celebutante's and excessively trashy, wealthy children, these girls are the complete opposite. They are educated, successful, and articulate. They are also natural beauties. G is tall and athletic.  She radiates youth and exuberance - making me think of a fresh faced cover-girl. When I think of J, coltish comes to mind.  She's tall, svelte, all arms and legs, with flowing long, chestnut hair.  They both dress somewhat bohemian - always fabulous, never trendy. Early in the evening, a photographer pulled them aside and took their picture. As he was writing their names down, the youngest daughter said, "Wait!  Don't print that!  My mom will kill me if my picture is in the paper!"  I have always heard the rules for a lady - your name should only be in the paper 3 times: when you are born, when you  marry, and when you die.  No Paris Hilton's here.

During John's speech, the tent was silent.  You could hear a pin drop as he spoke eloquently about Christian.  One quote he used was from Christian himself.  It said,  "I think nothing in life has only to do with luck. I think luck is just one of many words.  You have to have motivation.  You have to have drive.   You have to really pursue the dream and not give up."  Where others saw a 14 acre potato farm, he saw a 170 acre estate with vineyards and a world class equestrian center.  John was so fortunate to have his Christian as a mentor.

After dinner, we danced to a fantastic band called Henry Haid and the Only.   The girls have a Joie de vivre that is contagious - which made our group the most lively in attendance. We ended up dancing our hearts out and being the last to leave. We closed the place down and headed home.

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