Tuesday, August 16, 2011

class pet

I'll get back to those fancy Hampton posts
one day soon, 
but right now
my job is consuming me.

Here's a reason I love teaching:

My student today: 
 "Mrs. Nida,
my mom said I should inform you
I'm bringing in a class pet."

"Oh, reaaaallly?"

The student:
You're going to need to get 
A Lot 
to feed it..."


  1. I really love the name you chose for your blog. It fits well. As for the crickets, it could mean something very scary...SNAKE. My daughter Anna's 3rd grade class had a pet snake named Snakespeare. I was the "snake mom" and had to purchase live crickets and goldfish each week and bring them in to the class. I also had to take the snake home for Christmas break. My cat used to love to sit on a stool and watch the snake, especially when he was making a kill on a live cricket or goldfish.

  2. That is Hysterical. A snake named Shakespeare - what a memory! So far - no pet - thank goodness!