Friday, August 26, 2011

say it ain't so

I am an optimist
- an eternal optimist.

I haven't worried 
one minute
about this hurricane...
until tonight.

John cancelled his trip home
to stay and take care of business
- wines and vines and horses.
and our home!

When I moved back to Georgia,
I didn't want to leave 
the life I had in NY,
so I left
Everything -
my treasured children's pictures,
my favorite oil painting,
my cherished persian rug,
and my beloved india ink drawing.

maybe that wasn't such a great decision.

And all that's just stuff.
After losing my brother, 
I will never feel the same about possessions again.
John is there
and I'm a little worried.

Although, I will admit...
I wish I was there.

I'd have a hurricane party
in the wine cellar!


  1. praying for yall. You are right that "things" are not the most important part of life, but there are certain "things" that have precious memories attached to them that I would hate to lose. Hope John fares well in the weather. - Daphne

  2. Thanks Daphne! It's looking much better this morning.

  3. Erin, What is the update for John and your home. i have prayed all will be ok for you. Love you bunches!

  4. Thank you Lisa. All is well with our home. No power, but no trees on it either! Trees were lost at the winery and stables, but nothing terrible. Thank goodness! :-)