Sunday, August 14, 2011

status quo

Have you ever
changed everything
and questioned why?
Things were rolling along quite smoothly
and then...
you make a big change.
Next, you wonder why you ever did
something so crazy.

all week
I've been questioning why.
Why on Earth
did I decide to go back to work
Full Time?
Life was rolling along 
pretty well.

It has been a crazy week -
orientation and meetings all week
and required evening events.
I'm Exhausted.

For those of you who don't know,
I am a Teacher.
I am also a Believer.
I Believe in this school.
I Believe in the Mission Statement.
I Believe in the Standards of Excellence -
both Academically and Morally.
I am here because
I Believe.
I moved my children back from New York
 to attend this school.
I never Dreamed
I would have the opportunity to work here again.

All week,
I have been amazed
at the professionalism
of my co-workers.

I  will be moved
Monday morning
during convocation,
when flags from 43 countries
representing the student and faculty population 
are displayed.

I have the Most Amazing class.

It will all work out.  

I Can Do This.



  1. Erin,

    Just left my secure position of 8 years for a new endeavor...I can do this - RIGHT!


    Have fun - I know I am!

  2. David - Good Luck! You can do it! John made a huge change several years ago and we've never looked back. :-)

  3. Erin,
    I am sure you will do great!! And I hope you keep the blog up and running.


  4. Thanks Kirk! :-) I'm hoping I have time to write!