Sunday, May 22, 2011

the longhouse reserve

One of my favorite places to go on the East End
 is the LongHouse Reserve in East Hampton. 

It's owned by this really cool guy, Jack Larsen,
an internationally known textile designer.
Some years ago, when Jack visited the Japanese shrine at Ise,
 he was inspired to create
the LongHouse Reserve,
 his home.

This stunning estate boasts a 13,000 square foot home on four levels.
It is surrounded by gardens that portray designed landscape as art.
The gardens also feature elegant and fanciful sculptures.

Did I say ole Jack was cool?
He's cool because he opens his gardens to the Public!

I think it is fabulous that this gentleman
shares his love of art with the community.
The LongHouse is open to the public seasonally,
and it is also available to local schools
for educational purposes.

This is the house that Jack built:

I love the dunescape!

My first trip was in the spring.
The cherry trees were in bloom
and it was gorgeous!

My favorites are the wind sculptures.
You can see one in the foreground.
It is so peaceful to watch them move
lazily in the wind.

Water for Elephants?

He's ready for his close-up.

Could this place Be more beautiful?

Wanna play chess?

New York?

Eat your vegetables!

The fly's eye.

My children enjoyed it.

My mom did too.

These guys like it there.

So do these guys.

Thanks for having us Mr. Larsen!

 We look forward to coming back!

*For the record, you can't just stop by any time.
Check the longhouse website
for days and times.

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