Wednesday, May 18, 2011


On Saturday, I bought these shoes:

Could they look more comfortable?
I plan on wearing them
ever' day.

And I super miss having a job,
because if I did
I would have purchased 
these too!

Most of the Hampton events I attend
are in a big field or vineyard.
Therefore, the wedge
 is a Must!

These events are usually outside
to take advantage of the
unbelievably crisp summer weather
and star-filled nights.

John claims that 
the stars are closer 
 and the sky is bluer 
on Long Island. 

I have to agree.
That's why artists
have been drawn
 to this area for ages.


  1. Damn, those are nice shoes! Love the poetry - this is my first visit to your blog.

  2. Why yes they are! ;-) Thank you for stopping by.

    I love your India photos. I've been dying to see the Taj Mahal since I read Beneath a Marble Sky.