Monday, May 9, 2011

pretty pretty flowers

Yesterday afternoon, John obligingly helped me plant some Lantana around the patio. 
I practically wept with excitement at the thought 
of the lantana growing and spreading over the summer 
surrounding my patio with gorgeous blooms.

At one point, John hit a wire with the shovel while digging.  
We oooohed and aaahed at the orange wire and wondered what it was for.  
We had only mulched about 4 inches deep 
and therefore, Knew that it couldn’t be anything Important, 
so we continued planting.  
After Hours of planting and happy visions of my patio surrounded by riots of flowers, 
John showered and left for the airport…

He tried to call the house from the car and I bet you can guess what happened! 
We have no phone, no cable, and no internet!  
Seriously, I don’t know What we were thinking 
when we ignored the cable and continued planting. 
For the second time in as many weeks, we have no internet.

(I dread watching the cable guy
dig up all the flowers we planted
to get to the wire!
I'll probably need some wine...)

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