Friday, July 15, 2011

the best laid plans...

We were so excited when planning our summer in New York,
that we made a list of all the things we wanted to do.
We had nine weeks
and hoped to spend a little time in Boston,
go to the city, visit Niagra Falls, camp on the beach,
take the kids deep sea fishing, see a Yankees game etc.
And then life happened.
We had pony camp, horse shows,
sleepovers, play dates, tennis camp, sailing camp etc.
Finally with two weeks left,
we headed to NYC yesterday.

We had hoped to leave at noon -
after John played golf,
Lyons played tennis,
and C finished pony camp.
Of course, that didn't happen.
We ended up leaving frustratingly at 2:00,
arriving in the city at 4:00.
So much for our "day" in the city.
After parking,
we passed the TKTS booth and 
spur of the moment 
jumped in line.
We decided to purchase tickets to Memphis
because it was 50% off
and it started at 8:00 -
great criteria, right?

We visited the Discovery Museum's
new Pompeii exhibit.
It was Amazing.
Having read about Pompeii all my life,
it was the coolest to actually see artifacts
and casts from the city.

For the record,
the kids were freaked by the casts.
It was sad for them to see the positions
families and pets were in when 
Mt. Vesuvius erupted.

Then, we headed over to 
The Hard Rock Cafe
for the 9,999th time,
but the wait was too long.
Since we had such a late start,
we only had an hour for dinner.
We ended up eating at John's Pizza 
and it was delicious!

the ceiling at John's Pizza

 We rushed across the street just in time to take our seats.

The show was Unbelievable!
Love, love, loved it!

Afterwards, C insisted we wait at the stage door to meet the actors.

They were gracious and I'm glad she was able to meet them.

So, maybe our day (or our summer) didn't go exactly as planned,
but in the end, it was pretty terrific.

Have a great weekend!

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