Friday, July 8, 2011


In the summertime here, 
there is a farm stand on practically every corner.
I love to stop and buy fresh, locally grown,
organic, fruits and vegetables.

It's strange,
because I can't think of a single farm stand
at home in Georgia.
(Have I missed one in my hometown?)

Did you know, at one time,
 the Hamptons were just a bunch of potato farms?
Even today, the Hamptons are filled with 
 wide open farm land.
It's what makes this area unique.
There are no high rises
and very few hotels.
Every house sold
must contribute part of the proceeds
to conservation
and many of the development rights 
have been sold.
In that way,
the Hamptons retains its charm
and the local farmers,
who are vital to this community,
can remain.

On Sunday afternoon,
we stopped by Jim Pike's farm stand.
He is a local gentleman farmer
who is well thought of in these parts.

Here are some pictures of Pike's on Sagg Road:


Have a happy weekend everyone!


  1. I just love a farmers marker :) such a great chance to get the best of summer.

  2. Buying it fresh makes me Want to eat healthy. Those raspberries were delicious!
    Now, if I could just give up chocolate, I might lose weight!