Wednesday, July 20, 2011

my stylist...(i wish!)

On Friday night we attended a dinner with several other couples. 
 I was told beforehand that this restaurant was like an exclusive club  
and that you are treated in direct proportion to your status in New York.  
(I hoped the other couples were important.)

I toyed with the idea of finding out if I knew anyone who worked there
and asking them to pretend that John and I were reaaallly important...
just to mystify our dining partners.

One of the ladies at our table is a stylist in Manhattan.  
She has dressed women for the Oscars and Golden Globes. 
 However, she says her true calling is the working woman in New York - 
the hedge fund girls making 5 mil. a year.   
 (note to 20 year old self:  change majors!)

I liked her and learned a few things along the way.  
One - she ordered the garden salad and then asked for it to be chopped - kind of like slaw.  
She said that this way, you can actually Eat your salad and still chat.  
Made total sense to me - I Hate trying to eat salad.

She also said that she tells all her clients to gain weight -
that extremely thin is not attractive after 40.
This is not really a Georgia problem,
but it is Definitely an issue for New Yorkers.
I have friends here that don't eat. Ever.  
Then, she ordered onion strings.

That conversation led me to ask if she'd like to kick Rachel Zoe's a**.
(you can take the girl out of georgia...)
She laughed and said, "Yes."
(How could you not?)
Then she followed up with what a truly nice person Rachel really is.

We discussed the fact that if she ever runs into clients socially,
they pretend not to know her.
It seems no one wants to be outed that they have a stylist.
That cracked me up.
In the south, we tend to Over Share.
If a southerner ran into her stylist at the beach club
it would go like this:
"Yoooo Hooooo!
Heeeeeeyyyyyy Hollleeeeee!
Come over heeeere!
How do I look?  Did I do okay?
Does this cover up go with these flip-flops?
How are my earrings?
What do you think?
I'm okay?  I look okay?
Can you come over Tuesday?
Hey y'all!
Holly is my stylist!
You should use her too!
She's the best!
You know that dress I wore to cotillion -
the one I wore with those great earrings?
Holly!  She picked it all out!"

Everything the stylist ordered was made specifically according to her instructions.
(Maybe she IS really important.) 
 I think she even ordered chicken milanese without the breading.

She said the usual - anything you haven't worn in two years - get rid of! 

In the end,
I met someone new and interesting.
That's what I love about being in New York.
There are always new people to meet
with interesting lives
and stories to tell
and I always grow just a little bit
from being in their presence.

P.S. I was not impressed with the restaurant.  I felt like it was the equivalent of a Hamptons
Western Sizzlin'.  Funny - the things that make people feel important.

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