Sunday, July 24, 2011

social life

On Fridays throughout the "season", 
you can walk down any Hamptons street
and pick up magazines such as -
Plum Hamptons, Hamptons, Social Life, and Hamptons Cottages and Gardens.
The magazines are stacked by the doorways of
all the great stores. 

When John began working in the Hamptons five years ago,
each week when he returned to Georgia,
he would bring me a stack of magazines.
I devoured them.
I ooooed and aaahed over out of reach items ~
 clothing and accessories I could never afford.
I read interesting interviews with celebrities, 
 marveled at astronomical real estate,
and analyzed the society party pictures. 
I loved looking at the elegant women.
Their style is so different from the south.
And, I'll be honest,
 the thought would occasionally cross my mind
that it would be super cool to open a magazine
one day and see myself in a party pic.
(Of course, I Knew that would never happen...)

So you can imagine my surprise when,
on Friday, John called to tell me he was looking 
at a picture of us in Social Life magazine.

There we were - just two people from Georgia
who somehow landed in the Hamptons.
(forever grateful: cw)

  I hated my hair.
It looked way better in this pic:

but Who Cares?

As I prepare to return to Georgia,
I take with me,
crazy days,
 wonderful memories,
and a magazine!


  1. Why have we not met? Enjoy the showhouse today! It is really wonderful, one of favorites in a long time!

  2. My thoughts exactly. And now I'm leaving. Maybe we can cross paths over Labor Day. I'll be back for Grand Prix weekend of the Hampton Classic! Enjoy August!