Thursday, July 21, 2011

sailing - take me away

Yesterday some very nice people invited Lyons and John 
to attend a sailboat race around Robin's Island.
They knew that Lyons has been in sailing camp for four years 
and wanted to give him the experience of being on a boat during a real race.  
I determined that Lyons would either have a great time
or a terrible time
and waited on pins and needles for their arrival home.

The good news was 
he had a great time!

What an evening.

They were in second place for most of the race ~

until the spinnaker sail got tangled while they were jibing.

Lyons had a great time anyway.

Thanks for giving him this experience Peggy & Paul.

He'll never forget it.

And if you ever need an extra sailor again,
I'm sure he'll be available.

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