Monday, July 11, 2011

where to begin?

I don't even know where to begin today's post.
Life has been crazy busy the past week.

We had a great time at a beach bonfire.

tolerating the girls...

I had dinner with a good friend of mine at Pierre's.
She had just returned from three weeks in the south of France.
While there, she bought Another Birkin.
However, she informed me that 
the Hermes "toolbox" she was carrying
is the new "it" bag.
(In case you were wondering...)

Image: Vicente Sahuc

She then whipped out her black AmEx
and insisted on paying for our $250 dinner for two
because she had invited me.
(thank goodness!)

C has been spending some time here
with the nicest little girl.

(Do you think they'd adopt me?)

And John and I were lucky 
 to spend the day together
First, we took the kids to Long Beach -
the boys jogged
and the girls walked.
Then, C had a play date adventure to Montauk
with a certain little girl, a private chef,
and the nanny.
The boys rode bikes around Sag Harbor.

Then it was my turn!
A glass of rose' on the porch of the
American Hotel,

shopping in East Hampton,
followed by dinner
at Tutto il Giorno.

Life is good this summer.  
Very good.

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