Tuesday, June 7, 2011

the beach pass

This weekend we picked up the coveted beach pass for the season.  
When I first came to the Hamptons, each time I went to the beach,
I had to pay $25 to park.
It was shocking for me because I've always just walked 
across the street in Gulf Shores, Alabama, sat down,
and usually had the beach to myself.
This whole New York thing of having to get to the beach by 10, 
to even Get a parking space is beyond me.
If you try to go to a Hampton beach at 11 on the weekend, forget it!
You will either have to park a mile away (literally) or wait in line for 30 minutes
or more, waiting for someone to Leave the beach so you can have a parking space.

After we became residents, we were able to purchase our first
beach parking pass.  It does not cancel out the lines, but it is a one time
price of $25 for the season, so it saves a fortune.
It also is a status symbol.
It means you "belong" here ~
that you're not visiting for the day.
It means you live here,
or "summer" here.

I noticed the locals
don't remove the passes each year.
The more you have,
the better!

We're set!

Let's hit the beach!

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