Monday, June 13, 2011


I love Calypso clothing.
You could almost create an entire wardrobe 
for the Hamptons from this one store.
It's beachy, yet elegant.
I recently bought this shirt -
thinking it was going to be my One 
Fabulous Summer Shirt.

And then...
we went out with some friends on Friday night.
My friend wore this:

Yep.  I looked like I was wearing Mrs. Roper's muu muu
next to her!
(On second thought, I probably looked 
like Mrs. Roper...)

We went to Sunset Friday at
(you guessed it)
The Wolffer Wine stand.

Clinton Curtis played.

I thought they were great!

As storm clouds rolled in, 
and the temperature dropped,
we headed back to the best town in the Hamptons,
Sag Harbor.  
We went to Tutto il Giorno
for dinner.

27 East photo

It's owned by Gabby,
Donna Karan's daughter, her husband, and another couple.
It is also one of my favorite places to eat here.
It's a tiny restaurant
with amazing ambience and consistently superior food.
This pic is a little bright, must've been lunch.

I had carpaccio and apple ricotta ravioli.
Their ravioli is always outstanding;
I especially love when they do pumpkin ravioli in the fall.

We had a wonderful dinner reconnecting with dear friends.
I probably haven't laughed that hard since
the last time we were together.

It ended up raining the rest of the weekend,
which was nice.
We hung some pictures 
and watched some movies.

We watched 
"The Pat Tillman Story."
After reading
Where Men Win Glory by John Krakauer,
 I've been intrigued by this story.
Pat Tillman was an extraordinary individual, 
but he was not the person portrayed by the government
and the media.

I was also moved by this blog post
about a story I followed 
from the Joplin, MO tornado:

Have a great randommonday!

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