Monday, June 6, 2011

oh, what a night!

We had a fun filled weekend, beginning with Friday night.
We took the kids to Sunset Friday at
the Wolffer Wine Stand 
where, on Friday nights, you will find
 live music, wine,
cheese trays, picnic blankets,
and plenty of children.
It's starts at 5:00 and continues until sunset.

While there, L borrowed my camera
to take a picture of the 
"ugliest sunglasses in the world."
Here is the pic:

Hellooo? Am I not sooo  'on trend?'  
No? No!

We barely saw C the whole time
because she was trying to score something
from the Styleliner.

After an hour or so,
we headed home to drop the kids off and
meet some friends for dinner.

They encouraged us to hurry or we'd miss the sunset
from the restaurant.
As we drove by Long Beach,
we snapped this picture from the car.

Then, we arrived here:

H waiting on us!

The Beacon is a wonderful restaurant
overlooking the harbor
in Sag Harbor.
It also provides some of the most beautiful
sunset views around.
We were a little late, so by the time we were seated,
this was our view.

Still Gorgeous

Dinner was fabulous.
John had braised pork belly
and I had to die for fish tacos.

While we were there, we ran into two couples
we knew who were out celebrating a birthday.
We decided to all meet at Murph's,
a local dive bar, after dinner.

Being from the south,
where my favorite place in the world is FloraBama,
I fell in love with Murph's.
It's filled with locals and just has that authentic, gritty feel.
I was informed that you Do Not go to Murph's before 11.

I was thrilled that John wasn't abused for wearing his
 white sweater and turquoise polo
- especially after he and D trounced some serious locals in darts.

We danced to the music
on the jukebox.

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