Thursday, June 30, 2011


I look forward to three specific events each summer.  
The first is always the Group for the East End event.
It's a fantastic organization, that not only throws
a great party, but works diligently to preserve 
the East End of Long Island.

Last Saturday morning, we still had teenagers as guests
and they still wanted to shop.
So after a trip back to Southampton to pick up some things,
we set forth to East Hampton.
I drove through Bridgehampton and Sagaponack
just so they could see the towns.
And spur of the moment,  knowing Monet
loved the movie "Something's Gotta Give,"
I decided to stop by Loaves and Fishes.
She was surprised by how tiny it is
and we quickly left without making a purchase
of $100 a pound lobster salad.
As Monet and I began to get in the car and the girls were still taking pictures,
 a disheveled unshaven gentleman pulled up and got out of his car.
Monet quickly pointed to him and whispered to the girls,
"That's Alec Baldwin!"
The girls hurriedly followed him in
and requested a photo ~
something you do Not do in the Hamptons.
However, these were two beautiful teenagers and how could he resist?
Alec graciously posed with the girls.

Let's just say, he was the lucky one to pose with them.

Later that evening,
we departed for the event.
Have I mentioned that I love, love, love this event?

First, we arrived and introduced old and new friends.

Then we met Ina Garten.

Hey! There's Alec!

He had actually flown in for the event from a movie set.
Alec is a huge support to the community here.

Here's Nicole Miller and Andre Balaz.

I thought she looked stunning.

John, Andre, and me.

We were photographed.

Our group was on the Manhattan Society website,
NY Social Diary, and in the East Hampton Star.
(which is esp fun for me -
i'm just a girl from georgia)

There was an auction and cocktail tent
and a dining and dancing tent.

Alec was a great speaker and had everyone laughing.
He basically said that since we were honoring Ina,
we could be served anything and we'd all think it was wonderful ~
a power bar, oatmeal etc.

We had a great table 
and the dinner was delicious.

The gentleman on the left was the DJ for the evening.
He was the actual Studio 54 DJ
and he can still spin some tunes.

We danced the night away
and helped raise a huge amount of money
for preservation and educational programs on the East End.

I hope we have the opportunity
to attend this event again next year,
but if not,
we'll always have the memories...

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