Friday, June 10, 2011

it seemed like a good idea at the time...

Week two here has been fun, delightful, and...miserable.  We decided to make our house more beachy by painting the interior a crisp white.  So on Monday, I began painting - what a wretched experience!  Yes, I've painted before, but when I started in the kitchen - which is open to the breakfast room - which is open to the foyer - which is open to the stairs - which is open to the landing - the job was overwhelming.  I also discovered that it is not a good idea to stay home and be stuck inside painting when the weather is warm, the skies are blue, and I'm on Vacation! (What was I thinking?!)

Finally, on Wednesday afternoon, I loaded the kids up and we made our first trek to the beach.  I had not realized it, but no one is here during the week yet because NY is still in school.

On our way to Sagg Main, we stopped by the general store to grab a sandwich and some snacks.  It's a great store that carries anything and everything you may need - from a gourmet sandwich to sand pails and shovels.

Then, we arrived at the beach which was wonderfully deserted.

This will definitely not happen again this summer.

We stopped by the Sag Harbor ice cream shop
on our way home ~

where L & C enjoyed some disgusting delicious play-doh ice cream.

Happy Weekend Y'all!

(p.s. We have Real painters here this morning! Hallelujah!)

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  1. A day at the beach is sooo much better than a day of painting, isn't it?