Sunday, June 26, 2011

monet: part 1

I was so excited last week because
my best best bestie, her husband, their daughter (and a friend)
 were coming to visit for a few days on their way to Woodstock.

I spent the week scurrying around
making preparations for their arrival.

We installed these pendant lights from
Ballard Design.
They were only $49 each
and just screw directly into the recessed light cans.

I stopped by Cavaniola's Gourmet Cheese shop
and stocked up on cheeses and a nice baguette.

I cut flowers from the yard for vases.

We felt perfectly prepared for days at the beach
and evenings on the patio.

And then, they arrived
to torrential downpours.

We didn't even leave the house on Thursday afternoon.
We just opened a bottle of French rose',
snacked on scrumptious cheeses,
and caught up.

Later, the rain stopped and we
headed to Wolffer.

It was gorgeous, but cold outside ~
so we ended up in the cellar.

John and I had planned to take our guests to the Beacon for dinner.
We wanted them to be able to enjoy delectable food
overlooking the marina, all while viewing a stunning sunset. 
However, we ended up just seeing storm clouds
over the harbor.
Luckily - it was still beautiful.

The kids were wonderful
and Lyons tolerated hanging out with all the girls
quite nicely.

to be continued...


  1. what gorgeous families :) looks like you all had a blast together.

  2. thank you. it's always nice to spend time with dear friends! :-)